Video: Academy Think Tank

On 27 October 2015, the Health and Social Care Academy hosted a Think Tank on the theme “Creating wellbeing: what is needed to transform Scottish society so that all citizens are able to thrive?” The video below provides an overview of the day and features interviews with some of the contributors.

Thank you to the University of the West of Scotland’s journalism students for this footage.

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3 comments on “Video: Academy Think Tank

  1. The day was very interactive and interesting and key stakeholders were present in the room. In relation to next steps and themes we need to take action on testing key ideas and interventions to ensure that the key concepts identified are tried in a range of contexts . Can we map the examples and opportunities across Scotland in order that the good examples can be tested in other communities. What would the map look like? Can we shine a light on the examples identified and connect a network of resources for greater impact, are we developing community asset maps for all areas?

    We look forward to a more in depth document that highlights those innovating, connecting and developing communities that are thriving to contribute and learn from these emerging changes.

    1. Thanks Pat, we’re glad you enjoyed the day.

      We’re now looking at how the Academy can use and promote these themes in our future activities. I think the idea of a map is great. The King’s Fund have a similar thing with their Integrated Care Map ( Unfortunately it only covers integration in England and a few international examples, but provides some interesting examples of good practice and the challenges faced with this kind of transformation.

      We’re also working on a more in-depth exploration of these themes, including case studies of good practice relating to these themes and we look to continue to spotlight innovation and transformation in Scotland.

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