The Integration Series

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The Health and Social Care Academy’s Integration Series is a set of events designed to focus on key themes in relation to the integration of health and social care. It’s not about the organisational or structural elements of this change; in keeping with the Academy’s focus we will be exploring the cultural and relational aspects of change.

The series will offer a space for us all – including people who use support and services, front line staff, service and policy planners and leaders – to share learning, inspiration and collectively seek to address some of the challenges in delivering this transformational change.

These events are about making real the ethos set out in the guidance to the Public Bodies (Joint Working) Act. The topics we are focusing on have been informed by engagement with health and social care stakeholders. These themes also reflect areas where integration provides an opportunity for services to take an innovative approach, embrace transformation and achieve truly positive outcomes for the people using their services.

The series is being run in collaboration with a variety of partners with an interest in improving health and social care services in Scotland.  Partners for the events include:

Upcoming events:

  • Asking ‘what’s strong?’ and not ‘what’s wrong?’: asset-based thinking in Joint Strategic Commissioning – dates tbc
  • It’s a question of ethics… and data – dates tbc
  • Seldom heard voices – dates tbc
  • Looking beyond the statutory sector: the role of the third sector in health and social care integration – dates tbc

To register for an upcoming event, please email or call 0141 404 0231.

Previous events and materials include:

The Power of Prevention
Palliative Care: from acute to community (in partnership with Marie Curie)
Realising the Benefits of Digital Technology: Citizen-Led Innovation for Health and Wellbeing
  • Scottish Enterprise and ALLIANCE report


Putting personal experience at the heart of integration
Human rights in health and social care: putting it into practice
Devaluing values
  • SDS (Self-Directed Support) Think Piece: ‘Piecing Together Person Centred Support’
  • Social reporting: Sarah Hart from Dundee City Council shares her views on what would improve individuals’ experience of SDS services
  • SNAP Action Group film series
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