Palliative Care: from acute to the community

On Monday 18th January, the Academy hosted the next event in our Integration Series. This event, hosted in partnership with Marie Curie, focussed on the theme of palliative care. The presentations and panel discussions covered service development in an integrated setting, the difference good palliative care can make and the Scottish Government’s recently published Strategic Framework for Action on Palliative and End of Life Care.

We asked delegates to share with us some of their questions and reflections about the future of palliative care in an integrated setting and these were their thoughts.

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Palliative Care: from acute to the community

The planning of Health and Social Care Integration needs to have a greater focus on palliative and end of life care. This event would aim to encourage Joint Boards and partners to think about how this care could improve under the new organisation.

Short inputs in a panel style discussion from:

  • Members of the Marie Curie Business Development Team who could discuss service development in an integrated setting;
  • Members of Marie Curie caring services team who can discuss the service on the ground;
  • Individuals from the Marie Curie Expert Voices Group (made up of former carers) who can discuss how good palliative care can make a real difference;
  • Discussion of the policy/strategy relating to palliative care and how that fits with integration.

The Strategy on Palliative End of Life Care will be published in December.

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“I’m sorry but I think you are dying”

To any clinician these are hard words to say. For patients they may be harder to hear however for some they are a relief as they have come to terms with the fact that they are dying. Sadly, because we perceive the impact of saying them, we tend to avoid them and focus on what we, the clinical body, do best – diagnose illness, organise tests and formulate management plans. Even though it may be obvious to all that an individual is facing the end of their life we often we cling to the hope offered by modern medicine and its miracles.

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