Podcast: Emphasising Humanity – Asset-based approaches: The first step to transformation

Glasgow Centre for Population Health recently published their latest research report Asset-based approaches in Service Settings. The report considers a number of examples of asset-based approaches in health and social care services across the Scotland, the benefits they bring and their future potential.

A recent Academy blog noted the links between the Academy’s Five Provocations for Health and Social Care and the new report.

In this latest podcast, Andrew Strong meets Jennifer McLean and Val McNeice to discuss their findings how they can be applied across different settings to stimulate transformational change.

People Like Mum

I have always perceived health and social care through a paternalistic lens.

This week I have been thinking about health and social care through the lens of lived experience, and its impact on families, in particular, my own.

I think of my mum when I think of the impact of long term conditions on a family’s ability to stay well and what mechanisms are in place to help them do so.  Her eldest daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child. It was a bit touch and go.  Her youngest child was diagnosed (when living abroad) with ulcerative colitis.  The terror of an unfamiliar health system coupled with a devastated and frightened girl was hard to bear.  Her husband went to hospital feeling a bit under the weather, came out 3 weeks later with a heart condition.  He later went to the dentist, was diagnosed with cancer. Her mother suffered a broken hip; the road to dementia was steep and distressing.

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