Remembering mums across the world on Mother’s Day

The days we laughed
The days we cried
The days we shared the loss, the broken heart,
So it was less than half as hard.

The days we smiled,
The days we played,
The days we danced,
The days we sang

Those were the best days
To remember forever.

The days we loved ……
the flowers, the sunshine, the rainbows, the waves,
the laughter and the tears of joy.

The memories ……
that can never be let go
That live in our hearts forever

But you – a part of me – and I of you –
so part of me died too
But still you rescued me through the flowers, and the rainbows and the waves
And the laughter and the tears of joy –
you wouldn’t let me go,
to that too sad place
And so the snowdrops and the words –
that was my mum.

Remembering the love of mums on Mother’s Day.

Irene Oldfather 

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