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Insight Paper: Citizen’s Basic IncomeMay 2017

This paper introduces the concept of a citizen’s basic income and explores its potential application in Scotland.

Insight paper: Participatory Budgeting – May 2017

This paper looks at the concept of participatory budgeting, and its potential impact on how spending decisions are made about health and social care in Scotland.

Five Provocations for the Future of Health and Social Care Policy Paper – April 2016

This paper explores each of the themes that emerged from the Think Tank and provides context and a narrative for how change in each of these areas could transform health and social care in Scotland.

ALLIANCE/Academy National Conversation on a Healthier Scotland Write Up – March 2016

From late 2015 to early 2016, the Scottish Government’s national conversation “Creating a Healthier Scotland” sought views from across the country on leading approaches to improve Scotland’s health. This report summarises the views of the Academy Events.

Report on the Buurtzorg Model of Health and Social Care – January 2016

The Buurtzorg Model is an innovative model of care provision pioneered by former community nurse and manager Jos de Blok, which now provides care to 70,000 individuals in the Netherlands.

Five Provocations for the Future of Health and Social Care Graphic Report – December 2015

In October 2015, the Academy hosted a Think Tank which brought together leaders from across Scottish society to discuss the question “What is needed to transform Scottish society so that all citizens are able to thrive?” This graphic report sets out the key themes, or provocations, which emerged.

Leading on Commitment: Strengthening Leadership Roles – October 2015

This report by the NHS Ayrshire and Arran Learning Disability Nurse Team provides an overview of a day of inspiration and reflection undertaken by the team.

Citizen Wellbeing Assembly Report – October 2015
(hard copy available)

The ALLIANCE and Academy’s Citizen Wellbeing Assembly brought together over 250 people in June 2015. It aimed to consider how we might move from conversations about change in health and social care, to creating opportunities to transform the future of support and services.

The Right to Health: Health Inequalities in Scotland – March 2015
(hard copy available)

This thinkpiece highlights the causes of health inequalities across Scotland, the growing interdependence between poverty, health inequalities and long term conditions and how to tackle health inequalities, including through partnership working with the third sector.

7 Principles to Shape the Workplace of Tomorrow – February 2015
(hard copy available)

This report by the Oasis School of Human Relations explores what the workplace of tomorrow might look like if people really mattered.

Many Conditions, One Life: Living Well with Multiple Conditions – December 2014
(hard copy available)

This action plan is framed around the priorities and experiences of people living with multiple long term conditions and identifies key actions that need to be taken in health and social care services across Scotland.

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