Publication: Five Provocations for the Future of Health and Social Care

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Following the Academy’s inaugural Think Tank in October 2015, we are pleased to be able to launch our latest publication, Five Provocations for the Future of Health and Social Care. This paper explores each of the themes that emerged from the Think Tank and provides context and a narrative for how change in each of these areas could transform health and social care in Scotland. These provocations will shape the Academy’s future work, as we aim to incite conversation, debate, new ideas and action around these themes.

Download the paper here.

The paper is accompanied by five case studies, which highlight innovative projects and health and care systems from Scotland and around the world which exemplify the themes in practice, including the Nuka system from Alaska and participatory budgeting in Brazil.

One case study will be published on our website every day this week, starting today with Courageous Leadership. This case study focuses on the development and implementation of ‘”Gaun Yersel!”: the Self Management Strategy for Scotland” and highlights how Courageous Leadership can act as the catalyst for change in line with the other provocations. Keep an eye on the blog for more in the series of case studies.

We would love to hear your thoughts on these provocations, particularly if they have provoked you in some way! You can share your thoughts in the comments section below, by tweeting us @HandSCAcademy using #fiveprovocations or by emailing us at

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