Our short podcasts allow you to hear a range of perspectives on health and social care, from key figures discussing models used around the world, to individuals sharing their hopes for the future. All the podcasts are available on the Academy’s SoundCloud, with more information on each below.

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Creative Competition – Vince – June 2017

The 2017 Creative Competition is themed around ‘change’; what do you think needs to change in Scotland to keep you living well; what do you do to stay healthy and well; what one thing would you change about where you live to keep you well?

To spark your creative flare, in this podcast Academy Co-ordinator Rhona Millar  speaks with previous entrant Vince about his creative process.

What Matters To You 2017 – Tommy Whitelaw and Leanne Patrick in conversation June 2017

The Health and Social Care Academy and Dementia Carer Voices met with mother and student nurse Leanne Patrick for #WMTY17.
Leanne and her partner are carers for their four year old daughter Ella, who has autism. This podcast is Leanne and Tommy Whitelaw, Project Engagement Lead of Dementia Carer Voices,  in conversation, discussing what matter to Leanne, what matters to Ella and the experience of navigating the health and social care system as a carer.

Emphasising Humanity – Asset-based approaches to transformationMay 2017

Glasgow Centre for Population Health recently published their latest research report – Asset-based approaches in Service Settings. The report considers a number of examples of asset-based approaches in health and social care services across the Scotland, the benefits they bring and their future potential.

In this podcast, Assistant Director Andrew Strong meets Jennifer McLean and Val McNeice to discuss their findings how they can be applied across different settings to stimulate transformational change.

Creative Competition – Maureen November 2016

Academy Co-ordinator, Rhona Millar speaks with Maureen, Creative Competition entrant in the first of a series of themed podcasts that looks at some of the poetry and short story entries to Voices of the Experts, Creative Competition 2016

Ceding Power – Participatory BudgetingAugust 2016
Assistant Director, Andrew Strong talks to Alistair Stoddart, Scotland Network Manager at the Democratic Society about how participatory budgeting (PB), a practical tool to support community decision making in resource allocation, is progressing across Scotland.

Courageous Leadership – “Walking the Journey With Others” –  June 2016
Anne Houston, Director of Coaching for Life Limited, consider how leadership can encourage transformational change and support health and social care integration.

Think Tank on Creating Wellbeing
– November 2015
Dr David Reilly, Director of the WEL Programme, Professor Alan Miller, Chair of the Scottish Human Rights Commission, and Cath Cooney, Citizen blogger for the Academy discuss how to create wellbeing in the context of the Academy’s PATH principles.

Health and Social Care – An Australian Perspective – August 2015
Ronda Held, Manager at COTA Australia, the peak advocacy body working on behalf of older Australians, discusses the differences in health and social care systems between Australia and Scotland and what the future needs to look like to meet the needs of the growing population of older people across the world.

Transformation of health and social care. “If not now when; if not us who?” – July 2015
Audrey Birt, Academy Director, interviews Jos de Blok about the Buurtzorg model of care he founded and how it could work in Scotland.

Citizen Wellbeing Assembly 2015 – June 2015
Cath Cooney, citizen blogger for the Academy, and Jackie Maceria, Chair of the Scottish Disability Equality Forum, reflect on their experiences at the Citizen Wellbeing Assembly 2015, their hopes for the future and what they would change about health and wellbeing in Scotland.

Creating The World We Want To Live In – Participation Week 2015 – June 2015
Oliver Escobar of Edinburgh University and What Works Scotland, Dr Andy Williamson of Democratise and Chris Yui of the Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations discuss the key issues, challenges and opportunities to encourage citizen participation in the future.

‘People need people’ – Exploring the role of neighbourhoods in addressing loneliness – March 2015
Tracey Robbins, Programme Manager with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation reflects on the insights generated by their ‘Neighbourhood Approaches to Loneliness’ programme.

Being Human Series: Health and Human Rights: A Global Perspective – January 2015
Jonathan Cohen, Deputy Director of the Public Health Program at Open Society Foundations, is interviewed by Duncan Wilson, Project Director at Open Society Foundations on the relationship between health and human rights.

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