Latest podcast from Citizen Wellbeing Assembly 2015

Our latest podcast in the Being Human series comes from the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland’s Citizen Wellbeing Assembly 2015, held at Murrayfield Stadium on 25 June 2015.

During this episode, Andrew Strong interviews Cath Cooney, citizen blogger for the Academy, and Jackie Maceria, Chair of the Scottish Disability Equality Forum, about their experiences on the day, their hopes for the future and what they would change about health and wellbeing in Scotland.

We reflected on the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport, Shona Robison’s, address to the Citizen Wellbeing Assembly and a debate on citizen participation led by Dr Oliver Escobar of Edinburgh University and What Works Scotland.

You can find out more about the Citizen Wellbeing Assembly by following the #citizen15 hashtag on Twitter. A report from the day will be submitted as evidence as part of a forthcoming “National Conversation” on health and social care instigated by the Scottish Government.

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