Below is a selection of the Academy’s films. You can see more videos – including videos on the Buurtzorg model of care, the National Conversation on a Healthier Scotland and our Citizens Wellbeing Assembly 2015 – on the Academy YouTube playlist.

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Creative Competition 2016 – January 2017

A review of the 2016 Creative Competition themed ‘Voices of the Experts’. This short film looks at some of the rich and varied entries to the categories of poetry, short stories, photography, film and arts and crafts.

5 Provocations for the Future of Health and Social Care May 2016
Overview of each of the five provocations which will shape the future Academy work. These provocations are designed for the future of health and social care.

Think Tank – December 2015
An overview of the Academy’s Think Tank on “What is needed to transform Scottish society so that all citizens are able to thrive?” including interviews with delegates.

My Wellbeing, My Future Academy Creative Competition Film Clip – October 2015
Highlights from the Academy’s Creative Competition on the theme, ‘My Wellbeing, My Future.’

Amplifying your voice through blogging – February 2015
Peter Murray, Community Outreach Manager for Scotland at Media Trust speaks to the Health and Social Care Academy about how to make the most of the opportunities provided by blogging and video blogging.

Introduction to the Three Horizons Framework – February 2015
Andrew Lyon, former Converger of The International Futures Forum, speaks to the Health and Social Care Academy about The Three Horizons Framework and shares his thoughts.

Michael McEwan: My New Year’s Resolution – January 2015
Health and Social Care Academy citizen blogger Michael McEwan took the time to tell us his New Year’s Resolution.


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