Creating The World We Want To Live In – Participation Week 2015

As part of Participation Week 2015, the ALLIANCE has produced the third in its series of regular “Being Human” podcasts on the subject of citizen participation.

Oliver Escobar of Edinburgh University and What Works Scotland, Dr Andy Williamson of Democratise and Chris Yui of the Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations join us to discuss the key issues, challenges and opportunities to encourage citizen participation in the future.



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4 comments on “Creating The World We Want To Live In – Participation Week 2015

  1. The question remains if the citizens are allowed to participate in their respective communities? The FM has recently stipulated that we need to engage more openly with people in communities as this has not been happening in the past. For example: I live in Craigmillar and those affected by drugs believe that the Govt is not listening to them especially in relation to drug rehabilitation, some have attended meetings to emphasise this point but alas this has fallen on deaf ears. If the argument is that we need to give people the necessary tools so that they can make their lives better and thus benefit all aspects of the community they live in.. then we need to take on board what they are telling us. No good having the occasional meet at the Jack Kane Centre..with little or nothing happening after the event. I think civil servants should be more active in their approach to this subject matter and get out into the communities..and start implementing policies that do benefit the wellbeing of our people. Only a thought>

  2. Thomas – in total agreement. “Consultation” or “engagement” without an end point which serves the purpose of the discussion creates disillusionment with the existing system. We need to make sure that any processes are well thought through and result in genuine meaningful change.

    One example of this is the JRF ‘Neighbourhood Approaches to Loneliness’ programme which feat. on a previous podcast:

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