Conversation Café

The Academy Café Conversation

The World Café is an internationally recognised social tool engaging people in conversations that matter and putting those conversations to work.

The Academy has launched its very own version of this approach, providing supporting tools, advice and facilitation to talk about those human and cultural aspects of change and the very centre of health and social care in Scotland, in an accessible, cross-sector and equal way.

The topics will vary.  From leadership to learning, barriers to opportunities, transformation and visions for the future to illustrate the journey we are on as the integration of health and social care becomes a reality.

Whilst the questions will differ, and the participants will change, the common aspect of Academy Café conversations will be active participation and the progressive nature of the conversation. The only criteria for the Academy Café series is the question must focus on the relational and cultural aspects of change and reflect the core PATH principles that underpin all Academy activities.

Recently the Academy has hosted Conversation Cafés across Scotland to support the National Conversation on a Healthier Scotland.

Be part of the discussion

We invite you to be part of the discussion and hold your own café session. To support your session the Academy has developed a suite of tools, guidance and promotional tools to get you stCCarted.

1.Guidelines and Principles
2. Getting your question right
3. Set Up
4. Promotional Flyer (Indesign Template)
5. Menu Template
6. Marketplace Brief (for larger events with various participants)



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