Should we Charge for Do Not Attend’s?

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Whilst I was in Outpatient Department (OPD) 4 at the hospital today, I read some figures from 2016 that said:

Missed appointments:
Last month: 801
Last 6 months: 4760
Last year: 9139

I asked if this was hospital wide and was told NO. It’s for OPD4 only – that’s Intestinal and Liver. The other 5 OPD’s have similar issues.
Just to be clear, 801 DNA’s (Did Not Attends) is 40 per fucking day based on an average of 20 working days/month!!! This does not include people who have phones in to cancel. And this is in ONE hospital!

It took me 3 months to get an appointment with OPD4. 3 fucking months!

Here’s a real area we should look at so the NHS can improve their response to reasonable patients and save cash.
If you DNA (do not attend), then there’s a £50 charge unless you have a good reason such as: 1) you were ill (Doc cert needed) or (2) it’s for the dementia or Alzheimer’s clinic. And this fine is like a parking fine, you can be taken to court to pay it & gab bailiffs pop round.
If you miss a 2nd one, that fine becomes £500 and so on.
Edge cases, as we call them in my job, would be things like someone calls up the day before their appointment and cannot attend – if it’s for reasons if health (certified) or a funeral of a loved one (copy of death cert needed) then fine. Otherwise there’s a fine of half the figures above.

To be doubly clear. A years worth of missed appointments to OPD4 at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh amounts to 42 nurses plus 6 doctors


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