Tell the King – James McMahon

Tell the King

A subtle hint of jealousy is coming through your eyes
The sparks will fly, the flames will rise, your tenderness is my surprise.

Hold me,
You may mould me,
But don’t control me like the rest.
Repair me,
And spare me
As I prepare to leave the nest.

You conjure up your nasty tricks from the safety of our distance.
D-day comes, your heart attack, you’re overcome with no resistance.

Free me,
Will you release me?
I’ve got something more to give.
Save me,
Have you forgave me?
Tell the King I’ve gotta live.

Lost are years of journey’s missed – paths never chosen.
My body’s changed, my accents gone – my mind at times feels frozen.

Hear me,
Harmonies with me,
I’m gonna find this voice,
Show me,
How you rock & roll with me,
With any kinda noise.


‘Tell the King’ was an entrant to the Poetry category of the 2016 Creative Competition. We asked entrants to tell us what a fairer and healthier Scotland looks like to them by entering into our Poetry, Short Story, Film, Photography and Arts & Crafts categories.

Scotland Ya Beauty – Andy Bell

Scotland Ya Beauty – Andy Bell

I have a vision
A new Scotland for me
And one I would like to share
So healthy and free

A Scotland that’s forward thinking
With innovation and pride
A Scotland with a role for everyone
Without picking a side

A country that works together
And not just for the few
But fairer with opportunity
Yes, that includes you

But how can we achieve this
And when will it be
Will I get a letter
Or a notice on a tree

Our new Scotland is inside us
And time to let it out
How about starting tomorrow
And removing any doubt

We will love our new Scotland
A Scotland that cares
Just like our old neighbour
Who lived doon the stairs

So let’s share this vision
And create something new
Scotland ya beauty
With a shindig or two



This poem originally appeared as an entry in the Creative Competition 2016.

Creative Competition 2016 Winner – Poetry

‘You are the expert…What does a healthier Scotland mean to you? What does a fairer Scotland mean to you? What changes would make a difference to your life?’ This year’s Creative Competition theme was ‘Voices of the Experts’ and our entrants told us their views by submitting to our Poetry, Short Story, Photography, Film and Arts and Crafts categories.

Winner of the Creative Competition 2016 Poetry Category:  Read More “Creative Competition 2016 Winner – Poetry”

A Sense of Belonging – Jo McFarlane

In this poem Jo highlights growing levels of inequality across Scotland. The recent Academy thinkpiece “The Right to Health” considered health inequalities across Scotland and how to tackle them.

In “A Sense of Belonging” Jo urges us all to not leave tackling inequalities to the politicians and managers. We all have a responsibility for social justice and we all have a stake in a healthy, flourishing Scotland.

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