Podcast: Emphasising Humanity – Asset-based approaches: The first step to transformation

Glasgow Centre for Population Health recently published their latest research report Asset-based approaches in Service Settings. The report considers a number of examples of asset-based approaches in health and social care services across the Scotland, the benefits they bring and their future potential.

A recent Academy blog noted the links between the Academy’s Five Provocations for Health and Social Care and the new report.

In this latest podcast, Andrew Strong meets Jennifer McLean and Val McNeice to discuss their findings how they can be applied across different settings to stimulate transformational change.

Podcast: Creative Competition 2016 – Maureen

Meet some of our Creative Competition entrants:

In the first of a series of Creative Competition themed podcasts, we meet Maureen as she shares her poem ‘Scotland’s Unpaid Carers – A (Scottie) Dogs Life?’, her entry to to the Creative Competition 2016, Voices of the Experts.

Maureen talks about her involvement with Renfrewshire Carers Centre, and the source of support it has been to her in her role as an unpaid carer for her husband. Re-discovering her creative talents through the centre’s arts and crafts group, Maureen crafts beautiful felt Scottie dogs, paints and has taken up writing poetry again. Utilising her creativity has been a helpful outlet and as Maureen describes ‘therapeutic’.

Scottie Dogs made by Maureen at the Renfrewshire Carers Centre
Maureen with one of her paintings

Podcast: Target Culture – Measuring success?

Across the UK, the NHS, in particular, has often been accused of using “external stimuli such as targets” when attempting to make significant change.

Recently, the Health and Social Care Academy of the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) and The Royal College of Nursing Scotland hosted a round table debate on changing our targets culture.

Following the event the ALLIANCE and RCN Scotland wrote to Shona Robison MSP, the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport, about targets and a Scottish Government review to be led by Sir Harry Burns.

In the latest Academy podcast we hear from Hugh Henry, a former Scottish Executive Minister and MSP, on the challenges of a “target culture” and what we need to do to create a culture that enables change.

Podcast: Ceding power – Participatory Budgeting

What does ceding power mean in practice?

In the latest Academy podcast we hear from Alistair Stoddart, Scotland Network Manager at the Democratic Society, about how participatory budgeting (PB), a practical tool to support community decision making in resource allocation, is progressing across Scotland.

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Podcast: Courageous Leadership – “Walking The Journey With Others”

How can courageous leadership support health and social care integration?

In the latest Academy podcast we hear directly from Anne Houston, Director of Coaching for Life Limited, who is an experienced facilitator of leadership development programmes, to consider how leadership can encourage transformational change.  Anne offers us her thoughts on the conditions required to put these principles at the forefront and how leadership can be enabling of others within the new landscape.

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Latest Academy Podcast: Think Tank on Creating Wellbeing

The latest Academy podcast features Dr David Reilly, Director of the WEL Programme, Professor Alan Miller, Chair of the Scottish Human Rights Commission, and Cath Cooney, Citizen blogger for the Academy who each contributed to the Academy’s Think Tank event, held in Edinburgh’s Assembly Rooms on Tuesday 27 October 2015.

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Podcast: Health and Social Care – An Australian Perspective

The latest Academy podcast features Ronda Held, Manager at COTA Australia, the peak advocacy body working on behalf of older Australians. Her role involves supporting people and providers of home care support across Australia to implement Consumer Directed Support (or self-directed support as it is known here).

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Transformation of health and social care.. “If not now when; if not us who?”

My role with the Health and Social Care Academy means I get to meet and even interview some fascinating people. Recently Andy Lippok of Resolis Associates Ltd. took the initiative to invite the innovator of Buurtzorg to speak in Scotland and so we agreed with Andy to make the most of this opportunity and bring this to the wider audience of the Academy and beyond.  Jos de Blok of the Buurtzorg organisation in Holland is certainly an interesting person to speak to, I could have interviewed him all day. But he is also so much more than that. Because he hasn’t just identified or campaigned to change what is wrong in community care, he has revolutionised it in his country. Many have benefited as a result. Whats not to like? Read More “Transformation of health and social care.. “If not now when; if not us who?””