Podcast: Emphasising Humanity – Asset-based approaches: The first step to transformation

Glasgow Centre for Population Health recently published their latest research report Asset-based approaches in Service Settings. The report considers a number of examples of asset-based approaches in health and social care services across the Scotland, the benefits they bring and their future potential.

A recent Academy blog noted the links between the Academy’s Five Provocations for Health and Social Care and the new report.

In this latest podcast, Andrew Strong meets Jennifer McLean and Val McNeice to discuss their findings how they can be applied across different settings to stimulate transformational change.

Debate about future of Social Care is Vital

Social work and social care are not valued enough and neither is there enough anger about the poor outcomes experienced by disabled people and unpaid carers says Lynn Williams, Unpaid Carer.

I was very privileged to have the opportunity to speak at the recent ALLIANCE event focussing on the recent Audit Scotland report “Social Work in Scotland”.  Read More “Debate about future of Social Care is Vital”

Ffion’s Story

Dear Tommy

On Monday the 7th March I talked to the children and teachers at my school in our school assembly, I told them about your work, your lovey mum and your #Tommyontour. I also showed them one for my personalised dementia pledge trees. I have been making these pledge trees for my mummy’s work friends I make a different one for each person, I put their name on it and l do my signature, the person then writes their own pledge on the tree. I hope my trees make a difference to people who live with dementia.

My lovely pops (grandad) had dementia and l would like more people to undgrandaderstand dementia and always be nice to people with it, my pops always put his thumb up when things were OK. He was so kind he would give some of his food to his favourite blackbird the blackbird visited every meal time. My mummy misses pops a lot.

Here is a photo of my mummy with pops his thumb is up.

From, Ffion Age 9 from Shropshire.

To find out more about how to make a pledge visit the ALLIANCE’s Dementia Carer Voices website

We’re Recruiting for a Development Manager

The Health and Social Care Academy (part of the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland) is a dynamic programme of activity designed to support transformation in health and social care. All Academy activities will have innovation and lived experience at its heart.  The Development Manager will lead the Academy’s workplan creating a learning and development space for those engaged in delivering health and social care, and developing funding streams for future work.  Over the last year the First Minister hosted the Academy’s inaugural lecture, the Academy coordinated a think tank of cross sector leaders on creating wellbeing and produced policy papers on delivering new models of care.  This is an exciting opportunity to play a key role in developing the scope, profile and future funding of Academy related activity and make a difference to the future of health and social care in Scotland.

We are therefore recruiting for the following new post:

Job Title:      Academy Development Manager
Hours:           Full-time, 35 hours per week
Salary:           in the region of £31,000 per annum, depending on experience
Term:             Fixed term contract till March 2018
Location:      Glasgow city centre

For further information visit the ALLIANCE website