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Transforming health and social care will require a bold vision of the future – and difficult decisions will have to be made in order to change the way we commission services and how we respond when things go wrong.

At our recent Think Tank on Creating Wellbeing, participants raised the role of the media as vital to creating a different future.  Often this was portrayed with frustration at the current way of doing things – but sometimes as an opportunity to make change happen.

There is no doubt that investigative journalism has often highlighted bad practice and had a role to play in making improvements to health and social care systems and processes.  But there can also be little doubt that a media which does not adapt to new ways of thinking about the creation of health and wellbeing can constrain the major decisions which need to happen to create transformational change.

“Is the media playing a positive role in Health and Social Care?”

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Let us know your views by voting or commenting below on any of the following questions

  • Does the media stop politicians from making tricky decisions?
  • Is investigative journalism critical to changing the future?
  • What can journalists do to be part of the change?

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One comment on “Academy Polls

  1. It strikes me that the media could help to ensure that the general public are aware that there is a new approach to health and social care which focuses on reablement and independence for everyone. This has been a major shift in health and social care for older people and those living with long term conditions, which only those inside the system know about. Nobody has tried to explain to Joe public what he/she can expect should they have a fall and suffer permanent damage, or become ill with a life long condition, until it happens. I personally think it is the right approach but we need to take the public with us on this journey, and the media could be very helpful.

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