About the Academy

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The Academy aims to drive fundamental change in health and social care in Scotland. Activities will use the lens of lived experience and look at relational, rather than organisational aspects of change.

The Academy is intended as a much-needed cross-sector platform and focal point for activity, a support for all those driving it, and a space for the more radical and emergent ideas.

All Academy activity will reflect a core set of ‘PATH’ principles:

  • Person-centred – the priorities, expertise and lived experience of people will be the lens through which all activity is undertaken
  • Asset-based – all activity will reflect a belief in the assets, skills and capacity that all stakeholders bring
  • Transformative change – all activity will seek to drive fundamental positive change, rather than only improving existing models
  • Human rights and equality – all activity will be inclusive and reflect a human rights based approach


For any information please do not hesitate to contact members of the Academy Team directly:

Audrey Birt, Academy Associate Director: audrey.birt@alliance-scotland.org.uk

Sarah Forster, Academy Development Manager: sarah.forster@alliance-scotland.org.uk  

Andrew Strong, ALLIANCE Assistant Director (Policy and Communications): andrew.strong@alliance-scotland.org.uk

Justine Duncan, ALLIANCE Events and Communications Manager: justine.duncan@alliance-scotland.org.uk

Christopher Doyle, ALLIANCE Policy and Information Officer: christopher.doyle@alliance-scotland.org.uk

Rhona Millar, ALLIANCE Events, Communications and Academy Coordinator: rhona.millar@alliance-scotland.org.uk 

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